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Components for the Marine & Sanitation Industry

Components for the Marine & Sanitation Industry

The two primary products that we wanted to share with you today are our one-way single valve manual hand pump, and our one-way manual foot pump, with service kits also available for both items to extend their life.

We believe that we have managed to create a quality product that our customers can use with confidence and reassurance. Both of our items have incredible application and are currently being used in a wide range of different sectors from construction to marine & boating uses.

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Pictured: JOBEC Hand Pump


Pictured below: JOBEC Foot Pump



Rotational Moulding: The Process

We can use a range of popular industry materials such as Standard Polyethylene, Cross-linked Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, Nylon/Polyamides and Foamed Polymers.

We remove the plastic products from the moulds by releasing the clamps that separate the two tool pieces.

Next the product is taken out and is rigorously inspected for any imperfections, if it passes this quality assurance test it is trimmed and shaped while warm to allow an easier overall process & a smoother more refined finish to the final product.

This is time when Captive nuts, studs and other fittings can be fitted/extracted from the plastic products while they are still warm.

Depending on the size of the product being moulded we can decide which machine would be the most efficient to use. We have two different machines that both have particular pro’s and con’s depending on the type of work we have for them.

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Latest products now available!

Introducing the JOBEC handpump used in many of our products including recirculating flush tanks.

Part of the JOBEC component parts range with many technical uses and are often used in many of our own tank products. For any bespoke orders please get in touch here, we will be happy to discuss available options.


Alongside our custom footpump, including a replacement kit for quick and easy on-site repairs if necessary.